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About Silas fernandes

Solo career discography

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Silas Fernandes began in music as a teenager, playing in the heavy metal band of the legendary "metal" scene in the ABC region in São Paulo (Brazil) in a band named Esfinge along with Andreas Kisser who would later become the guitarist for Sepultura.  

During his 35-year career, Silas had the opportunity to develop his skills through various opportunities which included positions as a guitar instructor at IG&T (Guitar Institute of Technology Brazil), producer, business consultant, and finally, as a guitarist who has worked with many names on the Brazilian Music business, among your solo career with more than 5 releases already.

He began his solo career releasing instructional videos and teaching, in addition to playing with several different bands and artists as a  haired gun

As a producer, Silas always kept up to date concerning the styles of bands and tricks involving music production by working as a "guitar tech" for renowned artists in Brazil as well he wrote The Book “Set Up” and later became a course in EM&T (School of music and technology). 

He kept his solo career in workshops and clinics throughout Brazil, parallel to his work as a music producer and guitar instructor. 
Released albums:

.1995 Silas Fernandes (1first instrumental album)
.1999 Silas Fernandes -No Apologies
.2009  Silas Fernandes 14 Years (Compilation + new songs)
.2010  Silas Fernandes Live for Real (dvd live)
.2015 ...Must be the wrong year!
.2018 Improve

In 2014  he starts his own YouTube channel, which shows another characteristic of Silas Fernandes: a humorous, relaxed, and most importantly, an expert in technological content related to electric guitar equipment and music production tips. 
In 2015 Silas moved to Virginia in the US from where he delivers every Thursday his own successful YouTube show called Rig on Fire. 
In 2020 started an English version of his Rig on Fire Show on a new channel on Youtube.


Now sponsored by  EMG pickups, Solar guitars, and Black Smith strings.
He starts to prepare for the next move, a new solo album that will be released in 2023

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Compilation          DVD live

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